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About Fibreglass Pools SA


Fibreglass Pools SA (�Fibreglass Pools SA�) sells manufactured fiberglass pools and distributes through independent retailers and/or Installers (�Installer�). The relationship between Fibreglass Pools SA and each of the Installers is that of independent contractor and shall never be deemed or construed to be an employment, partnership, joint venture, agency relationship, or any other similar relationship. No Installer has any authority of any kind whatsoever to create any binding obligation on the part of Fibreglass Pools SA or any partner or affiliate of Fibreglass Pools SA. Fibreglass Pools SA�s Installers are not agents for Fibreglass Pools SA and do not have the authority to act for or on behalf of Fibreglass Pools SA. Fibreglass Pools SA has no right to control or direct any employees, contractors and/or agents and Installers that sells its pools, and each installer/or retailer has the sole right to control and direct its employees, contractors and/or agents. Fibreglass Pools SA has no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the installation or repair of its pools, which installation or repair is preformed solely at the discretion of the independent installer or retailer that sold and / or installed the pools, or its subcontractors. Fibreglass Pools SA disclaims any and all liability for any act or omission on behalf of any Installer or retailer. Fibreglass Pools SA�s obligation concerning pools manufactured, is limited to its guarantee of fifteen(15) years to certain manufacturing defaults, twelve (12)months on the gel coat of the pools, twelve ( 12) months on the equipment supplied from the manufacturer, and the guarantee is solely from the manufacture of these equipment and Fibreglass Pools SA cannot be held for any guarantee, loss or unforeseen happenings. three (3) months on any leaks concerning the plumbing of the pool if installed by Fibreglass Pools SA, twelve (6) months on the paved surrounding if it is due to workmanship and not to storm/overflowing of pool or any other unforeseen circumstances. If final payment is not received on final invoice date no guarantees will be valid if the pool was semi or full installed by Fibreglass Pools SA. All claims must be send in writing as required. If DIY pool or stabilizing option the full payment is due before off loading of swimming pool. Fibreglass Pools SA cannot be held liable for any unforeseen circumstances for late deliveries, Acts of nature that cause damages to our swimming pools and installations or any wrongful installations. Please insure that your new swimming pool is insured with your property�s insurer for damages caused by acts of nature. No warranty if the fiberglass swimming pool is emptied by the owner/contractor with written consent of Fibreglass Pools SA Mission Statement �As a team, we will maintain supplying the highest quality fiberglass swimming pools available in the marketplace, using the most superior materials available. To continue to grow our support network, and remain committed to providing only the best service and quality product to our clients�.Fibreglass Pools SA


We are a company that believes our customers are our shareholders and future therefore we are the only pool company that put money back in the pockets of our clients by promotions, discounts, advertising etc.

We supply free training, professional advice and a backup service where needed and most important, pools of the highest standard.

We believe in the best quality product but at the best price possible for the highest mark up margin to our clients.

Our quality and strength of our pools are backed up by Scott Bader, of Harvey�s Composites and NCS Resins, the raw material suppliers whose products are being used in the manufacturing of our pools.

We have full control over the quality of our pools and only the best SABS approved materials are used.

Tests of our pools quality and strength were tested in various elements and conditions to make it one of the best pre-moulded pools in South Africa.

We maintain close relationships with our customers so that we can listen to their needs and their complaints.

These facts and many more make us the leader in the pool industry of the manufacturing of fiberglass swimming pools.

Our vision is to be the pool and garden spa supplier of choice, by providing professionalism in design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of our products as well as customer satisfaction at the best price.

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